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Inbody 120

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Biospace has been striving to improve human health; it has explored new realms of body composition analysis, leading the health care market with the top quality body composition analyzers that have set the standard for diagnosis of obesity and health care. Biospace focused on product development and clinical research with an effort to venture into the field of electronic medical devices.ID registration: 99 members’ personal information and 300 measurement data can be stored.
Measures compositions such as muscle, fat, body water, protein and minerals
Analyses lean and fat mass of 5 different regions of the body.
Provides single-paged results sheet for consultation use.
Wireless connection with InBody 120 
- THE Lookin Body and InBody 120 can easily be connected via Bluetooth. Access the user data and control the device remotely.
Strategic consultation
-Provide detailed analysis with the Result sheet and History graph with the optional Lookin Body software
- Motivating has never been this easy!


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